Victim blaming


Okay, so there’s a fuckton of shit surrounding things that Carrie Fletcher have supposedly said ‘victim blaming’, and I think it’s something I need to talk about. First of all, if there were someone that irresponsible, who would be pro-victim blaming, then they would NOT have the audience Carrie…

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On abuse, victim-blaming, responsibility and Carrie drama:


I’m not even gonna try and not swear in this post because this entire thing with Carrie’s DMC in the 401 show is so fucking dumb I can’t even begin to wrap my head around what is going on. People are so damn wrapped around this “victim blaming” crap that you see it wherever you fucking go and in…

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These little piggies went to London.

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Dougie Poynter + WWF

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Noctis Magazine Issue 11 ©

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© Darren Black

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2013 Twitter Photos

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Keeping mummy up all night is just exhausting…

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" I’m gonna bet tomorrow that the sky is blue
  I guess I’m ready
  I think I’m ready
  I hope I’m ready
  For something new “

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  • Dougie Poynter.
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Name: Harry Judd|| Age: 21 || Major: Up to player || Endgame: Jollie/Mollie King

History: Up to player

Status: Open || Played By: 

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